Chevrolet Traverse: Middle East’s most popular crossover SUVs

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Uploaded by Tasnim on 3/6/2013
Jaidah Automotive – a subsidiary of the long-established and influential conglomerate Jaidah Group and the exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet in Qatar, announced the arrival of Chevrolet’s all-new 2013 Traverse to Doha.

The Chevrolet Traverse only debuted in 2008, but in that short time it has emerged as one of the most popular crossover SUVs, not only in the Middle Eastern market, but worldwide. What was already an exceptional vehicle has been made even better with the arrival in Qatar of the 2013 model Traverse and the countless improvements and enhancements that it brings.

"With improvements in styling, performance, interior quality, space, and passenger safety, Chevrolet have made an outstanding vehicle even better and we’re delighted to unveil the new Traverse tonight," said Mark Jenkins- General Manager, Jaidah Automotive.

The new Traverse, like all Chevrolet vehicles is available only from Jaidah Automotive through our exclusive association with Chevrolet and its parent company General Motors. This is an association with which we are justifiably proud of. Chevrolet is a manufacturer with a reputation for making top class automobiles and Jaidah Automotive has a reputation for outstanding customer service. When we merge the two together, we aim to provide an unrivalled customer experience.
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